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Established in 1996, the SSJ Charitable Fund (SSJCF) works to continue and expand the health and wellness ministry of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Wheeling and the Congregation of Saint Joseph


Our fall 2015 grant cycle will open June 1. The deadline to submit a full application for the Basic Needs/Direct Service Grants Program or an online Letter of Inquiry for the Responsive Grants Program is July 22, 2015. 


Apply in 4 Steps

1. Read Grant Process: A Guide for Applicants

2. View the Applicant Registration Tutorial and Applicant Workflow videos

3. Read the Frequently Asked Questions document

4. Click here to access our online system to start your application and/or to log back into your account


View Application Questions

Basic Needs/Direct Service Application Question List

Responsive Grants Program LOI Question List


Click here to view our webinar recording on how to use our new online application system.


Check out our recently released video featuring the story of the Sisters of St. Joseph Charitable Fund.

Healthy People in Healthy Communities

The mission of the SSJCF is to promote healthy and sustainable communities by providing resources, strengthening collaborative relationships, and supporting initiatives that impact people in the Mid-Ohio Valley.  Through this mission, the SSJCF seeks to enhance the rich gifts already found in local communities.

As of  Fall 2014, the SSJCF Board of Directors have approved 1,007 grant requests, representing more than $14.1 million in funding.

Read the SSJ Charitable Fund's

2012-2013 Annual Report

To view the SSJCF annual report, you will need a .pdf viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, click this link --  Adobe Acrobat Reader -- and download a free version

Click here to view a copy of our strategic framework.

Please note, the SSJCF receives far more requests for assistance than can be accommodated with limited funds.  Consequently, the Fund relies on a series of guidelines established by its Board of Directors to  
select those programs to which financial support 
can be awarded.

Non-profit organizations interested in submitting a Letter of Inquiry should:

  1. visit the Eligibility page of this site to ensure the project is within the scope of the SSJCF's current grantmaking guidelines; and,

2.  note the published  Deadlines for submitting a Letter of Inquiry. 

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